Laurie's Little Store


Laurie's Little Store is here,  lots of unique, handmade and inexpensive gifts.
As you may know I have a lot of hobbies that have turned into buying opportunities for you.
Most of them started out as gifts for family and friends.
They fall into three basic categories: bath and body products, gourmet food treats and photo-cards.

Check out my new product: Celtic soaps !!
 I recently purchased these beautiful Celtic soap molds, so now all the usual great scents come in these stunning designs.


Below is a list of items, prices and a few photos.
Or for a quicker view go to my price page.

All of my products are crafted in small batches to ensure quality.

To place an order, simply send me an email with what you want and your mailing address.
Please be sure to specify the size and scent of the products you want.
I will send you an invoice with a price total. I will then ship your order and you can send me a check. I do this on a very small scale and can't take credit cards.
If you are local I am happy to arrange for pick-ups and drop offs.

Bath and Body Products

All my body products are made with simple ingredients, essential oils and no preservatives.

Body Butter is a wonderful all body cream, it comes in two sizes and three recipes.

The Lavender  Butter is shown in the photo above, there is also Citrus  Butter and Unscented Cocoa Butter, the 2 oz. size is $7.00 and the 4 oz. is $12.00.

Laurie’s Lippy's come in tubes:  Mint and Orange.

They are $3.00 for either  flavor.

The Lavender Healing Salve comes in a large tube and is great for your office or purse or travel bag. It can be used on your lips, hands, feet, face. This salve has Castor oil, avocado oil as well as shea butter and beeswax it costs $5.00.

Both the lippies and the salve much be requested as large special orders ( a dozen or more).

Body Scrubs are great for exfoliating in the bath or shower. The sugar scrubs away dead skin and the sweet almond oil nourishes your body.

Tangerine Lemongrass, Cinnamon Rose or Lavender.
4 ounces for $6.00

Celtic Simple Soaps are made from glycerin or goat milk soap bases, I add essential oils for scent and spices or cosmetic clay for color.

Soaps come in : Lovely Lavender, Citrus Sunrise, Mint Rosemary and Chai Spice.
Each bar is $4.00.

Simple Soaks are heavenly bath salts for those luxurious aromatherapy bath times. They are made with Epsom salts, essential oils and botanical materials( can be left out upon request).

Citrus Clove is uplifting and warming, Lavender is relaxing, Rosy Heart is comforting or Breathing Muscles, for muscle aches or colds. They come is clear plastic non-breakable containers. Custom blends available upon request. Each 16 oz. jar is $8.00.

Keep the bath and body products out of direct sunlight and they will last for 6 months, any irregularities are due to their custom, handmade nature.

All Occasion Photo-cards, images from nature: the ocean, birds, insects, flowers and plants. Lovely photos on heavy card stock, these cards are great to have on hand for any occasion.

Single card are $3.50 each and packs of five cards go for $15.00.
I am happy to make up theme packets or give you a variety pack.

Gourmet Food Treats

In A Jar: Jams, Jellies, Chutneys and more !!

I have been canning for over 30 years, I use fruit I grow myself or obtain locally to make these tasty toppings.

Any  8 ounce jar for $8.00

Currently Available;
Hot Pepper Jelly- the current version has some nice heat to it.
Plum Spice Jam- this is my favorite, made with a vanilla bean, cinnamon and cardamon.
Pear Chutney-with a ginger kick and big chunks of homegrown pears
Plum Chutney-new this year a smoother chutney, with a nice astringent bite.
Boysenberry Loganberry Jam- limited addition of my berry jam both berries were grown by my brother.

Upon request with enough advance notice and a large enough order, I can also make Sunrise Marmalade, Champagne Rose Jelly and Apple Pear Butter.

Almond Toffee
This confection has been a family favorite for years, I dare you to eat just one piece.
The 4 ounce bag is $5.00 and the 8 ounce bag is $10.00.


Please feel free to ask questions about any of the products I have to offer.