Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cilantro garlic butter, my busy kitchen and week two of my trip.

As promised I am posting the recipe for this cilantro garlic butter. It makes just about everything taste better, so far I have had it on toasted French bread, beet greens, steak, pasta...yum !
It's very simple, the only trick is to be sure your butter is soft. To make this vegan use Earth Balance instead of butter.

 Cilantro Garlic Butter


1/2 cup soft butter
4 cloves garlic
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, coarsely chopped

1) Start by whizzing the peeled garlic cloves in your mini-food processor.
2) Add the fresh chopped cilantro. Whiz that a bit.
3) Add the soft butter and whiz some more until it's fairly smooth. It's doesn't have to be pureed.

4) Scrap into a small bowl and store in the fridge, try not to eat it on EVERYTHING :-)

I have been busy in my kitchen lately, I do spend a lot of time there. Cooking food from scratch is my default mode, I have come to realize.
Continuing with the winter squash theme, I made a pumpkin pie out of the rest of my frozen squash. Just remember to turn the oven down from 425 F to 350 F after the first 15 minutes...I forgot and while the pie is long gone, it was a bit brown on top.

One night I was feeling lazy so I took some pesto from the freezer for pasta. It was some I made this summer with almond pulp instead of other nuts or seeds and froze without the cheese. I do like it this way better.

With some locally grown and processed chorizo, I made chili the other day. What a great fall meal, served with my cornbread muffins. I threw the almond pulp from my almond milk into the muffins and it added a nice texture.

I got really ambitious and made my vegetable Wellington tonight. I was a bit lazy about draining all the liquid from the vegetable so it was a bit sloppy. It still tasted great and was a good paring with the flat iron steak we grilled, much like we do our flank steak.

To warm up the kitchen in the morning I baked apples, great smells and yummy to eat with hot cereal in the morning.

Here is week 2 of our latest road trip:
Day 8: Crazy found art sculptures in someone's yard in Hanksville, UT.
Day 9: Striped Mountain near the Henry Mountains, great place to find 200,000,000 year old petrified wood.
Day 10: Our campfire by Oowah Lake in the LaSal Mountians outside on Moab UT.

Day 11: We hiked to Warner Lake in the La Sal Mountains, UT.

Day 12: Red sandstone canyons in Colorado.
Day 13: T-shirt seen in a visitor's center on I-70 in Colorado.
Day 13: Genevieve on a hike outside the Mount grandparents cabin in Eldora, CO.
Day 14: Princess KitKat, roommate of the senior Mounts in Boulder, CO.

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